Key stats:

  • Project started in mid April, 2014, after the first KGW exploit and a multitude of „pump and dump“ short term coins have come and gone.
  • Project updated February 2018 to Litecoin and change to DGW
  • 1 Coin payout.  1 Coin for block 1 and every block for the next 1623 Years
  • about 61594 1CR per year
  • Total coins:  200,000,000  max supported by current code, 100,000,000 after 1623 Years
  • 512 second (~8.5 minute) block time – reducing stale minings block percentages to around 2%
  • 156 new block confirms (~1 day confirms)
  • 16 block transaction confirms (~2.3 hours)
  • ZERO Premine, ZERO special blocks
  • min relay tx fee 1000 µ1CR
  • transaction Max Fee 1 1CR

Hashing Algorithm:  Standard Scrypt
Difficulty Algorithm:  Dark Gravity Wave (as of block 102000)

Listen:   6666 (16666 for testnet)
JSON-RPC: 6667 (16667 for testnet)

Sample Configuration file (completely optional):
/* 1credit.conf */
rpcpassword=<some very random long password>

Like all high quality coins, 1CRedit maintains an active DNSSEED network.  You should NEVER have to specify addnodes.  All wallets should work upon launching.

Social:   IRC Freenode:  #1credit

Game:  4th coin in „The Crypto Void“ by 1BillionHex